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 "Today's selling experience often leaves the buyer numb. I thought sales was about one thing - helping the customer solve a problem."

Spiritus SMB Client

A successful value exchange between the seller and the buyer has a defined equation. How do we craft the ideal blend of art and science for positive customer experiences? 


High-trust, relationship selling drives competitive advantage by employing integrity, data analytics, and transparency.


Spiritus' Growth-as-a-Science framework includes: baseline assessments, business planning, go-to-market design, marketing integration, sales teams, and growth engine models.



"We are dying in a perfect storm of cloud, data, and devices. We need new digital transformation services to remain competitive."

Spiritus SMB Client

 Distribution channels are becoming more  innovative to meet the changing needs of the ultimate customer. How do we build  channel ecosystem services with  greater depth and breadth?


Modernized channel communities create a competitive advantage via shared vision, resources, and growth.    


Spiritus' Growth-to-Market design thinking includes customized distribution channel solutions. The key stakeholders include vendors, distributors, partners and customers. The desired outcome is to well-engineer reach, relationships, and return on investment. 





"The sheer velocity and ambiguity of  change in business today is breaking down our team."

Spiritus Fortune 50 Client

Creating environments where talents flourish is more vital and dynamic than ever. Culture building blocks include trust, empowerment, and accountability. How do we build a triple-win for the team, customer and company?

Personalized Change Management (PCM)  is our competitive advantage      to maximize  potential for work/life success.

Spiritus' Complete Leadership Development and Complete Life Victory playbooks include personalized surveys and assessments, leadership development workshops, career mentoring, and work/life coaching for teams as well as individuals.

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