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Founder, Cloud Factory

As the founder and CEO of a fast-growing tech company, I have experienced the momentum Rick can create through his amazing passion, energy, and wisdom. As both an early board member and go-to-market consultant, Rick has been a catalyst who sees both the big picture and can jump right into the details that drive big-picture success. His understanding of people and his ability to create and influence culture is unlike anyone I've seen, but most of all Rick is a man of integrity that simply makes everyone around him better

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Rick has a rare gift for being able to meet people where they are, recognize their strengths, build them up and inspire them to reach their full potential in every area of their lives. Over the years, he has inspired countless individuals and inadvertently created countless business leaders. At a professional level, anyone who knows Rick knows he is very savvy. I have watched him build businesses from the ground up and transform them into industry leaders. He has developed model organizations - the type you only read about in books! 

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CEO, The Millennial Translator

The distinctive culture each company naturally develops and how that culture is used to either help employees grow or to break them down is something that truly fascinates me.  I learned about Rick and his leadership from one of his employees who raved with every breath about the opportunity and growth he experienced under Rick's tutelage.  Once I heard these rave reviews, my curiosity took over and I decided to look for others. I found there to be no shortage of rave reviews. Rick is a leader who truly cares and supports his employees, both in their professional growth and personal growth.  Many leaders say they encourage and support the growth and development of their employees, but few actually do.  Rick is one of the few. 



Non-Executive Chair, Stead Impact Ventures

As CEO and/or Chairman of eight highly successful technology and information companies as well as having served on 35 boards, I understand the value of talent. Rick embodies a rare talent that builds both people and businesses. Rick bridges competitive, complex, multi-generational environments to drive bottom-line results. Rick is one of the most creative thinkers and effective leaders that I have had the honor of working with. I have known Rick for over 20 years and completely endorse his authenticity as a person and professional.

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