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Growth Readiness Assessment

Conduct a GROWTH READINESS ASSESSMENT - interviews/surveys (e.g. customers, partners, suppliers, employees, and competitors) and market research to form objective growth diagnostics and analytics, perceived pain points, differentiated value proposition, and market position leverage - define the language and baseline for the growth initiative. Quality customer-centric data is imperative for growth

Growth-to-Market Design

​Create the GROWTH-TO-MARKET DESIGN - understand Corporate Identity (i.e. purpose, proficiency (best in class), profit model and competitive advantage), - understand customer identity -segmentation / total addressable market and competitive positioning - understand the optimum channels to facilitate the best value exchange (e.g., modernized communities, strategic alliances, resellers, service providers, agents,  affiliates, and influencers)

Growth Engine

Implement the GROWTH ENGINE MODEL - relevant community matching (e.g., intelligent-target prospective customer base), customized value proposition (e.g., creative one sheet/content boards), integrated micro-campaigns (e.g., emails, a/b tests, calls, social mapping, and personal note card touch point series) customer engagement process (e.g., CRM stages, roles, resources, and reporting), and ROI growth calculator model


Growth Culture   Process

​A personalized GROWTH CULTURE PROCESS will fuel the transformation of your business. Creating an environment where talents flourish is the precursor to success. The real and sustainable competitive advantage is people benefitting from services such as personalized assessments, complete leadership development workshops, career mentoring, complete life victory coaching, EQ/communication/ conflict resolution training, and professional development plans


  Sales Readiness Scorecard

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